Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Salzburg, 11.7.03: Angelus and Trompe L'Oeil Cornices

Sitting in a boat at Wolfgang am See. The Baden cousins, Jochem, Regina, and Helga K. have driven down and we spent most of the afternoon and evening walking in Salzburg with them. Have now driven into the Alps to Wolfgang, where church bells are ringing the noon Angelus, as we wait for the boat to take us onto the lake. All very nice, a beautiful day.

I notice bits about the Jöhlingen accent I don’t hear when I’m there: ist is isht, bist is bisht, gestern is yestern. If I’m not mistaken, the accent around Köln (Kölnsch?) is similar. Is this true of the Rhine region in general?

A woman yesterday at the tree in front of the nuns’ church told us it’s called Plantanen—as well as I could understand the word.

In front as we wait, carved dark wooden balconies and roof overhangs. The balconies have multicolored geraniums and a yellow (small) creeping daisy. One house had trompe l’oeil cornices painted onto it. A small plaza leading down to the water, which is green and purple—the latter in the deeper areas.

And now off! I can understand the German of the guide, to my surprise. Well, bits of it.

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