Friday, January 23, 2009

San Francisco 26.5.01: Tall Tales and Hedges of Lavender

Line overheard at Steve’s cousins’ party last night: his cousin Treecy S.—“We call him Japanese Frank, since there are so many Franks in the building. I asked him, ‘Are you the one who pastors the Korean Presbyterian church?’”

+ + + + +

Steve’s cousin today, stories: someone in his wife’s family from Tabasco locked his daughter, who had a child out of wedlock, into a bedroom with the child, until both starved to death.

Another story: J.’s (Steve’s cousin’s) brother-in-law, who practices voodoo and folk magic from Tabasco, had an argument with J.. J. sat down and wrote the brother-in-law a letter after the latter stormed out of the room.

J. thought better of the letter, tore it up, flushed it down the toilet. Brother-in-law returns, walks into the bathroom, makes the sign of the cross over the toilet, and proceeds to tell J. everything he had written in the letter.

J. also says he slept with Rock Hudson in the 1960s (’60 or ’61). Didn’t know it was Rock Hudson till afterwards. It was an orgy, and Rock Hudson was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful naked boys, to whom he paid attention while in flagrante delicto with J.

+ + + + +

The wonderful flowers here—hedges of lavender, rosemary four feet high and blooming profusely, a purple and red althea covered in blossoms. Beautiful beyond compare. What must be bottlebrush trees sculpted into ovals and covered in red blooms.

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