Monday, March 23, 2009

Asheville, North Carolina 18.3.93: Appalachian Spring and Winter of Discontent

Back from the blizzard. For the week of 7-14, I had won the use of the college’s timeshare condominium in Asheville. On the 12th, it began to snow in the evening. All night, it thundered, lightened, and poured snow from the sky, as the wind blew fiercely.

In the morning, there was over a foot of snow on the ground. It snowed steadily all day, and the wind continued to blow heavily, so that by night there were nearly three feet of snow, and, in places, drifts of four feet and more. At one point, we tried to go out and walk, but as we did so, we knew that we were in a blizzard, and turned back.

From Saturday to Tuesday evening, we could not drive out. We had been scheduled to leave on Sunday, but all roads were closed out of Asheville then, and, in any case, we could not have gone, because the narrow, winding path back to the condo was under a ton of snow.

By Monday, we walked to the store and could see traffic moving, but it was not till Tuesday that the hotel cleared the road to the condos. Then we had no trouble driving on the freeway, though there was still snow all the way to Spartanburg.

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