Friday, December 17, 2010

Denver 20.11.2001: Cathedrals and Statehouses

The sad little knick knacks purveyed by tourist shops.  They must be a vestige of the pilgrimage days, when you returned home with the palm in your hat, the city emblem nailed to your walking stick?

Writing in the basement of the Colorado state capitol, where we've taken refuge after having found the library closed.  Monumental architecture everywhere in Christian lands is such a fluid expression of the merging of throne and altar.  Take the cathedral, turn it 90◦ in the direction of neo-classicism, and voila! you have a state capitol.

Today's USA Today has a letter from a man in Nacogdoches, Texas, proposing that it be made constitutional that the U.S. president be required to be a military veteran.  Sure.  Why not go whole hog and become an outright military dictatorship?  One that bans contraception, requires women to stay at home, and jails homosexuals?  Let's become our enemy: let's become, world, a congeries of ugly macho nation-states staring each other down and trying to outdo the other in cruelty and steely resolve.

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