Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rome: A Photo-Retrospective from December 2013

Ceiling of Pantheon soon after the winter solstice, December 2013

A photo-retrospective on our trip to Rome in December 2013 (my postings about the trip will pop up if you click the label "Rome" beneath this posting):

Campo di Fiore, December 2013
Neptune Fountain, December 2013

Fontana della Pigna, December 2013
 Cortile di Pigna, December 2013

Fontane delle Tartuga, December 2013
Fountain of Four Rivers, December 2013

Putto, Francesco Moderati, St. Peter's, Dec. 2013
Capitoline Wolf, Christmas Eve 2013

Rainbow Christmas Lights, Via del Corso, Christmas Eve
Santissimo Sacramento Church, Christmas Eve

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