Monday, August 18, 2008

The Eifel, Kreis Daun 22.12.93: Fachwerk Houses and Lace Curtains

Snowy, nasty weather. We walked in Dreis and I drew, but that’s not easy to do, with the snow mixed with rain which smeared the ink. Also, my hands froze.

Over the church door, a beautiful angel’s head that Steve photographed, and which I ought to include in future pictures, and the date 1823.

Inside, a sweet gay man about 20 decorating the church with a younger boy for Heilig’ Abend. He spoke a bit of charming, heavily accented English. Was erecting the crèche—churches here don’t decorate at all for Christmas until the eve of Christmas.

On the reverse of this page, a drawing of the old Burg in the oldest section of Dreis. In some store, we saw a picture of it in a guidebook, and I stupidly did not note a date or information about it. It’s on the main road running through the town (421, Daun to Hillesheim) west of the church and the oldest buildings of the village.

It’s not in excellent repair, though not dilapidated, and there are things stacked around that seem to indicate it will be repaired. Has rather a forlorn air, as if whatever importance the village had, and which supported the castle’s existence, is long since vanished.

On the other side of this page, one of the few Fachwerk houses in Dreis, which is adjacent the Burg. The drawing is of the main side of the house, facing 421 west of the Burg. The house has a date. I didn’t record it, but Steve took a picture—was it 1728 or 1740?

As one goes on, a street called Ringstrasse comes up, and very old buildings are on the street—the old farmhouse with a picture of a man plowing painted on its side, old buildings of stacked stone, a barn through which the road runs.

I wish I could draw the neat, obviously handmade, lace—and tatting—work hanging in most windows.

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