Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hamburg 3.1.94: A Créole Réveillon and Enzian Schnapps

Early afternoon. Yesterday at the W.’s, where we served our meal to the parents and siblings of W. and K., as well as the sibs’ partners and children. We were 15 or 16 in all.

Not a bad day, though high anxiety for me. Tension with Steve, as he appears intent on creating a façade of indifference to me. It snowed all through dinner and into the evening. Since I had a seat at table watching Gryphiussstrasse, I could at least watch the snow pelt down, to take my mind off my anxiety.

After dinner, a brief walk in the dark and now wet snow to the Alster, first with K.’s parents and W. and K., at last only with W., since K. and her parents found it too wet. A nice chat with W. re: the complexities of the German professorial system, and the choice with which it presents him now. It he is to be the equivalent of full professor, he must have that rank before he’s 52. So if he is offered the job for which he recently applied, he will become full professor, but that’ll give him another choice—he’ll have to become much more of a specialist, and he’s not sure what area of specialization would be best.

In the evening, the R.’s came from the S-Bahn to the W.’s flat. They were just off the train from Munich—a Bavarian post-Christmas sojourn. R. had bought us a bottle of Kirschwasser and one of Willemsbirne. He also had for W. a bottle of liqueur exclusive to Bavaria, made from gentian blossoms. We tasted it—an interesting, subtle earthy, herbal taste.

Not much sleep after that, and Chuck arrived this forenoon and is now sleeping. After that, off to shop and walk, then meet S.W. at Café Gnosa for dinner and an outing.

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