Monday, April 27, 2009

Charlotte, North Carolina 21-23.3.03: Souls for Sale, Grits and Tomatoes

The text of Ecclesiastes I read today says that, of course, it’s better to have light than dark, to be wise than a fool. Then it undercuts that proclamation by saying both the wise man and the fool end in the grave. How to dispose oneself meanwhile?

As I fly to Charlotte, where I keep hoping to see justice shine—one day!—like noonday sun, why am I taking this trip now? The Observer just printed one of their fluff pieces yet again re: the Catholic church in Charlotte, almost exactly a week after the one announcing Doherty’s firing. This spoke of how Catholic schools are booming. This certainly conduces to making me feel defeated. Same old Charlotte: souls for sale, to anyone with money to buy.

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I watched a woman eat this morning, with great relish, a platter of grits with tomato slices and a fried egg. She carefully cut the egg and tomatoes into bits, mixed them into the grits, and ate. It looked delicious. She was a small gamin blond woman with a pixie haircut, mischievous shy smile, dancing eyes, and very wrinkled face and arms, like a smoker’s skin.

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