Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Rock, Arkansas 10.5.03: Dog Prayers and Scarlet Pomegranate Bloom

Breezy today, warm, humid bursts of air out of the south, sending scudding dark clouds overhead. Through them now and again I can see patches of blue, illuminated white cumulus clouds. There’s a rotation pattern to the winds, occasional puffs from west and north, that portends bad weather in this spring that won’t stop bringing storm upon storm to us.

The moist hot air is redolent of hedge, honeysuckle, and the late-blooming moss rose. In the far corner of the garden, yellow Louisiana iris blooms against scarlet pomegranate. The white yarrow is now in bloom beside the pink primrose (Oenothera).

Brassie has joined me to meditate, and is perched silent—uncommon for her—on the steps, peering at the garden through the iron railings. How does a dog pray? Just by being and watching, I reckon.

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