Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Montréal, Québec, Canada 31.5.92: Churches and Walks in the Rain

A gray and drizzly Montréal day. We got up early and went to La Prairie to church, a church typically Québecoise. Then Stephen S. and Hillary C. came over for lunch, and after that, Steve and I walked up Côte St. Luc past the Oratory to Côte des Neiges, down Côte des Neiges a ways, back to Côte St. Luc and up to the Oratory, and then home. Two young men, both in their 20s apparently, accosted us separately to beg.

Got soaked coming back, as it began to rain again. Now waiting for supper, which Gregory is cooking—sweet-sour pork chops and red cabbage.

Tired. Did not sleep well last night, my stomach doing its old song and dance. Great emotional turmoil.

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