Friday, July 3, 2009

New Orleans 25.10.1990: Images of Eden and Ropes of Color

I’ve seen work of two artists recently that impressed me very much. The first was an exhibit entitled “Images of Eden” at New Orleans Museum of Art—oil paintings by a Nicaraguan-Salvadoran artist, Julio Sequeira. Great splashes of tropical brilliance tamed to tiny, obsessive recreations of cities, jungles, mountainsides. Always a parrot or other bright feathered bird atop a tree or building—one of my favorite images of transcendence. A wonderful Carnival picture with little jokes hidden away Brueghelesque in the hullabaloo—some of them I thought gay references.

The other an “Arkansas Traveller” spot on a Pine Bluff black artist, Terrance Corbin. He does large mural-like canvases of intertwining ropes of color. Fascinating . . . .

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