Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kelly’s Cross, Prince Edward Island, Canada 25.7.1983: Surly Students, Yawing Tombstones

Another (just another?) day marred by a scene in class today. To a question (so long with me, and still not see?) about the “devil” and then about Jesus’s references to the devil, I attempted to explicate the temptation narratives. At which point, a woman in the class who is headstrong and thoughtless put her head down and pounded the table. Was very upset—presumably at the notion that a literalist reading of the Bible does not necessarily lead us where we need to go.

I’m of several minds about what to do with the scene. Guess I must just play it by ear.

The sunset is beautiful. I sit in a chair looking out a western-facing window. The sun sets behind a ridge topped by spruce; in fact, the entire little dale between the house (which is on a hill) and the ridge is scattered with spruce. At points they’re so thick that one can’t breach them. In the foreground is an old (the original?) parish graveyard, with stones yawing in all directions. A meadowlark (or lark of some sort) gives its descending call as the sun slowly sinks behind the hill, leaving the clouds aglow.

The past two evenings, I’ve sat out in a chair under the trees till dusk. A healing experience.

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