Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Orleans 6.10.95 and 8.10.95: Cool Breezes and Banana Leaves

In New Orleans for a day’s workshop at LIMEX. That October weather that’s so gentle in New Orleans, but can be so stirring for one who has been wrapped up in technique of survival during the summer. Off with the wraps! On with life.

. . .

Thought as I sat this morning looking at the sunlight on the Alcazar’s swimming pool, banana leaves flapping in a cool, dry west wind: I love those contemplative moments in which thought can slow down and reflect nature. But I’ve had the chance to have such moments so seldom, in my life. It’s not a question of time itself, but of the quality of time. For the oppressed, time is a shivering on the haunches, nose in the air to catch whiff of the hunter. Living time this way permits little contemplative space.

How to go on living, then? . . .

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