Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Rock, Arkansas 18.5.1997: Polyester Kaftans and Gold Tignons

Now back in Little Rock one month this evening. Sunday dinner (Pentecost) at Franke’s with Anne H. We sat in the smokers’ room because it had a table large enough for us all. At a distance, a grandmother with frizzed short bottle-blonde hair and tight little eyes, having dinner with her grandson and granddaughter. She smoked as she ate, saying in a piercing nasal voice, “Finish your desserts.” Wore a flowing kaftan-like white and green affair made of polyester.

Nearer, two black women, also both smoking as they ate. The one facing me had a gilded scarf tied tignon-style around her hair, a large black rose closing the circle in the idle of her forehead. Gold-rimmed glasses mirrored the gold tignon. As she smoked and ate, she also chatted on a small cellular phone that fit the palm of her hand.

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